Royal Release

Bad Boys Need Love Too: A Cincinnati Street King's Love Story

by Mo'Nik

Born and raised in the most dangerous housing projects in Cincinnati, Ohio, Carlyone Harris never had privilege or opportunities handed to him; he had to take them. The product of a mother on welfare struggling to take care of him and his younger sister and a drug addicted and physically abusive father, he never had a chance of making it out of the hood. Carlyone wanted to make a way out of no way but the street life proved to be more loyal than the legit life.

Now married to the street life, he would never cheat on the unspoken codes of honor, one being that the plug’s daughter is always off limits.

Introducing Shereen Hernandez, a sexy ass Cuban/Haitian/Dominican chick with connects in the hood, through her best-friend, whose father happens to be the biggest cocaine distributor out of Cuba. Carlyone sees him as quick come up and knows the rules but being the outlaw that he is, the man in him that wants to be a street king never follows them. Now, the streets aren’t so loyal to him once Shereen’s savage father gets word of Carlyone and his daughter. Will the up and coming street king find love with Shereen and a way out of the hood or will the hood be the last place to see him alive?