Royal Release

Bad Boys Need Love Too 2: A Cincinnati Street King's Love Story

by Mo'Nik

After successfully robbing and murdering her drug lord father, Shereen Hernandez, along with her boyfriend Carlyone Harris, finally got what they’ve each set out to gain in their own lives. Shereen wanting to be the ride or die wife to a kingpin just like her mother, and Carlyone wanting to be the kingpin. They form a bond stronger than the secret that they swore to take to the grave with them but they soon realize that everything that glitters ain’t gold.

Introducing Nahmir Quinn, an ex-fling of Shereen’s who learns of Carlyone’s status and rank when Shereen reaches out to him for help after Carlyone is arrested. Ever since losing Shereen and moving away to Columbus, his mission was to get her back. Now, however, he wants her and her boyfriend’s wealth and the empire that he was building. But he has to get through Carlyone first.

Breeze has always been loyal to Carlyone ever since they were young boys robbing and stealing together, so him being his right-hand soldier was expected. However, Remmiah, also known as Remmie, wants the man that she was forced to leave years prior and came back for to be the head nigga in charge so that she gets her rightful place on the city’s throne. She will stop at nothing to make sure Breeze, and not Carlyone, comes out on top.

High school dropout Zavia Duncan’s only way out of the hood is using what she got to get what she wants. She loves the fast, easy money that comes with stripping but wants the even easier money that comes with being Carlyone’s Harris’ main bitch. She has her eyes set on no one but him. His current bitch was no competition for Zavia’s wild child, down for whatever ways and soon Carlyone falls into her trap. Will Shereen be able to save him or will Nahmir accomplish his mission and takeover Carlyone’s entire life as he knows it? And will Remmie succeed at putting her man on the throne? Open the cover and turn the pages of this street king’s wild love story.