Royal Release

Bad Boys Need Love Too 3: A Cincinnati Street King's Love Story

by Mo'Nik

Lifelong brothers from another mother, Carlyone and Breeze, were raised by the streets together and vowed to be the street kings that ran the same streets by robbing, stabbing, shooting, assaulting, kidnapping, and murdering their way to the top. They are successful and the street’s love and fear for the “hood brothers” soon has them becoming the street kings that they set out to be since they were young boys; that is until someone from one of their past, Breeze’s, showed up wanting him and only him to be the street king. What was once bros over hoes has now become a war of who deserves, and wants, the street king crown more.

Carlyone has his own ride or die by his side that wants him on the throne just as much as the next woman who wants to be Queen to a street king. And she will stop at nothing to make sure THEY are the one’s to come out on top in the end.

Bad boys need love too but will the love of money and the love of two savage and ruthless women in both of their lives tear their brotherhood apart and everything that they worked for and gained!? Or will their love for their brother be enough to keep the kingdom intact?