Royal Release

Bad For My Gangsta: Khadarious & Zoerina's Hood Love


She’s not a good girl, but she’s not bad either. So being bad for him was never on her agenda… right?

Running away from her father’s house to live a life with her boyfriend of four years was supposed to be her perfect fairytale ending. Until six months later, he kicked her out, forcing her to live on the streets of Detroit. Vowing to only focus on what matters, Zoerina Banks bounces back, grinds her butt off, and stacks her paper. However, it becomes easier said than done when the biggest distraction hits Ms. Banks—sending her life on a wild, uncontrollable rollercoaster.

It’s his way or no way. That’s the number one rule Khadarious ‘KD’ Dixon has always stuck by and been successful with. He’s ruthless on the streets, ruthless to his enemies, and even ruthless with his women. Even with his heavy past influence in the streets, he’s always been specific about wanting to be low-key. But being low-key when your name is always in everyone’s mouths is much easier said than done. Those that know who he is, either love him, fear him, or loathe him. And the streets always know how to lure him back in, one way or another.

He’s arrogant, spoiled, and everything she shouldn’t want in a man—everything she should be running far away from. But her attraction toward him is undeniable, undeniable and dangerous. She convinces herself that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. But who is she trying to kid?

He’s never been one with commitment. She’s never been one without it. A new hood love. An irresistible chemistry. A perfect match. But could Zoerina’s biggest enemy, turn out to be the dangerous man she’s fallen in love with?