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Bad Girl Tingz 2: Love In The ATL

Would you rather have money or love?

In the finale of Bad Girl Tingz, Kari, Nina and Tia are back with more drama and lies. The girls were focused on working hard and increasing their bank accounts by dating affluent men, but since they’ve met Cash, Black and Jo things have changed.

Kari is enjoying dating the handsome rapper who’s taken Atlanta by storm. He’s every woman’s dream with his thuggish ways and powerful aura, but he only has eyes for Kari. Kari is going through a transition and a lot of things are changing for her, but the one constant is Cash “Javan” Wilkerson. He has changed her life for the better, but Kari is hesitant to settle down with the reformed bad boy. She’s had her heart broken before and one time was enough. Will she give love a second chance or run from the man who was created to love her?

Nina has never been the type to belong to anyone. She knew from a young age that men were only good for one thing, providing. She’s used to making men feel special in return for money, gifts and trips. When she met Black she decided to add him to the roster, but he decided that he wants to be the only man in her life. Will Nina stop being a player and take Black seriously or will she hurt him just like all the other men in her life? 

Tia has never had a boyfriend. She’s seen the damage that relationships are capable of doing and vowed to steer clear of all the drama. When she meets Jo she’s introduced to a world she never imagined experiencing. His love, attention and money quickly win her over, but she isn’t sure if she should let him have her heart. Jo is determined to show Tia that he’s not like the rest, but he refuses to be the only one fighting for their relationship. 

In the finale of Bad Girl Tingz 2, the girls are faced with tough decisions that can alter their lives. Take a ride with the crew one last time as they figure out if money or love has their hearts.