Royal Release

Beautifully Damaged: Lost in Detroit


PATRICE is at a crossroads in life. Being a struggling single mother, she’s prayed for true love. That prayer is answered, or so Patrice thinks, when she meets what she believes to be the man of her dreams, Griffin. Finally, she can relax and be in love but soon she learns her happily ever after is nothing but smoke and mirrors. See what happens when Griffin wants Patrice but not her kids. See what happens when a single mother can’t choose between who she thinks is the love of her life and being a mother to her children.

Meet NADYA…Nadya might be harboring the biggest secret of all. See what happens when this young woman can’t choose between being an escort or as she likes to call herself, a Mattress Actress, and being a saved woman. She’s given 'prostituting from the pews' a new meaning. Who said whores can’t have morals and want to be loved and respected?

FIRST LADY AYDAN… Being the First Lady is not all glitz and glamour, just ask Aydan. After moving to Detroit from Ohio, Aydan believes she can leave her demons behind and start fresh. Never did she think that her past would cross state lines to get even. Trying to keep up the image of being a First Lady and fighting off your past is getting the best of Aydan. She wants nothing more than to live a regular life and be the wife she knows she can be but her past keeps interrupting her plans. What will she do when her past crashes into her present?

LIBERTY longs to have a simple stress free life but every time she tries to concentrate on starting her career and finally moving out on her own, family secrets pull her back. Being the youngest member of the group and harboring so much, Liberty keeps falling short of what she longs for: love and a simple life. She and her parents are members of Open Door Christian Center but what no one knows is that Liberty’s parents are not who they seem to be in church. Being a young woman who’s ready to start her own life is what Liberty wants but her family’s secret keeps her unable to strike out on her own. Trying to live a normal life and keep her church family from finding out her family’s secret is becoming too much to bear.

Everyone wants to feel loved, wanted and respected and those are things Aydan, Liberty, Patrice and Nadya long for. When they all see the light at the end of the tunnel, darkness strikes…Will they reach the light or get lost in Darkness? Welcome to Open Door Christian Center.