Royal Release

Black Girl Magic

There’s magic in the melanin… and ain’t nothing flyer than a black girl claiming her magic.

Do you know the power of the three? Qadira, Phoenix, and Whilemenia, the Tri-Deity, are heirs to the Throne of All. Three SiStars ruling was bound to be frowned on. And the heat was too much for the girls to bear.

Qadira, the Stripping Succubus Seductress, was focused on her cake, causing chaos for centuries, but may have found the man to tame her wild, irresponsible ways in Napoleon King. Napoleon, a bounty hunter sent on a mission to eliminate the threat that was the Goddess’s divine three, finds himself hypnotized by the caramel-colored Queen, and considers throwing it all away to take a chance at love. After centuries, could Qadira finally have found the one who gets her? Or will Napoleon prove to be the one to put an end to her forever, teaching her that love doesn’t just hurt… it can kill?

Phoenix, the Strong SiStar Sorceress, gave it all up for a “normal life,” becoming a detective in Lafayette, Louisiana. She had been able to keep her identity a secret for the longest time, until a tall, dark, and handsome blue-eyed Mystic Marlo “Charm” Prince sent her world reeling out of control. Charm had no interest in anything but money, magic, and keeping a low-profile. A fugitive on the run, he knew that one wrong move could cause his demise. But when he meets Phoenix, he can’t shake the need to know her, to have her, by any means. 

Whilemenia was the good girl and the baby who never left the nest. While her SiStars were out wreaking havoc, she was trying to keep the Kingdom that her mother built from crumbling. But an arranged marriage was enough to make her want to branch off on her own, pushing her right into the hands of a grilled-out Celestial thug. Meeting Amir Mare, the kind she was warned to stay away from, she may have just found the man that was not only meant for her, but who can make her embrace the power that she has deep within.

All’s fair in love and war, but can these SiStars put their differences aside to protect what is rightfully theirs, or will their issues lead to the end of black girl magic, forever?