Royal Release

Breaking The Rules Of Love

The covenant of marriage. Beautiful and sacred and should never be entered into lightly. And with Aliyanah and Bryson, it was more serious than normal.

At nineteen years old, Aliyanah enters into a contract marriage with Bryson Grey. Their arrangement is beneficial to them both until the rules come into play. Rules that dictate everything about Aliyanah down to what she can eat. And with rules come punishments. Two years in and Aliyanah is sick of it all, and all she wants is out. She just doesn’t know how to get out.
And while she wants out, Bryson is falling in love in his own sick ways. He wants Aliyanah all to himself and will do whatever it takes to ensure that she stays as Mrs. Grey. If only he could tone it down and be what she needs.

Will Aliyanah be able to find her way out, or will Bryson find a way to keep her at all cost?