Royal Release

Bulletproof Gods 2: Money Over Everything

Part one taught you why they’re certified street royalty, but part two will show you why they’re bulletproof. There’s no such thing as ‘down time’ for the DiBiasis, and with Santiago waging a savage war to claim their empire, these brothers rise up to defend what’s theirs—by any means necessary.

Zeus is doing double-duty juggling his family’s newest addition while mapping out the plan that will allow everyone to get back to business as usual. Unfortunately, Santiago’s reach extends much farther than anyone imagined, and when the brothers take one last shot at bringing him down, Zeus comes face to face with death. Will he make it out alive?

Titan has a serious come-up planned for the family business, but when a dead body turns up on his watch, he’s faced with the biggest decision of his life as he struggles to shed his past for his future. Will his decision cost the DiBiasis a blood debt?

Ares is still a wild card that refuses to be tamed by even the baddest chick. Living up to his name, he’s waging war in more than a few panties, but with a baby on the way, he’s forced to pull out and start thinking with the right head. Ares quickly learns that his baby mama is just as fraud as her father, and when she deals a heart-crushing blow, he sets out to wage a new kind of war with a single agenda: killing Santiago’s most prized possession.

This explosive finale will prove, once and for all, that there is no Miami without the DiBiasis.