Royal Release

Caged Love 4: A Story of Love & Loyalty

by B. Love

“When I’m with you… sex ain’t a factor. I love and respect and care about you too much. But when I’m with a female like her… that’s all she has to offer me. So I take what I can’t get from you from someone else. I don’t care about them, but I love you.” – Roman Cage

With over ten years of friendship between them, Jaelah Benson has had the biggest crush on Roman Cage for as long as she can remember. Everything about him turns her into mush. His perfect mix of hood, goofy, and gentle makes her pine. And the way that he protects her and provides for her has tremendously strained her relationship with Dru.

After the death of her mother, Jaelah returns home to Memphis, and her rightful place in Roman’s life… but things are different now. She’s older. More alert to her feelings and desires. And Roman’s wild and carefree promiscuous lifestyle.

As those around them seal their love for eternity, Roman and Jaelah continue to fight how they feel, until it becomes too much for either of them to handle. Tired of wanting a man who obviously doesn’t feel the same for her, Jaelah prepares to cut all ties with Roman… but when he’s forced to be without her he realizes just how much he loves her.

Will his revelation have perfect timing… allowing them to step into a new level of love? Or will his loyalty to his past ways end their relationship before it begins? Read part 4 of Caged Love to find out!