Royal Release

Can't Get Enough Of His Hood Love

Getting it by any means necessary is what Cheyenne constantly has to tell herself when it comes to providing for her and her nine-year-old sister.

With the two of them not having a father figure in their lives and living with a drug-addicted mother, Cheyenne is left to tend to her while also trying not to let life beat her down. The last thing she expects is to be saved by a well-known guy in the hood named Keylow.

Keylow finds himself being swallowed up by the streets, pushing a wedge between him and his family. He is known as someone not to play with and is used to reacting first and thinking last. Even through this, somehow Cheyenne finds herself secretly attracted to him, seeing through his hard demeanor and crazy behavior. They both find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place, because they are each in relationships with another person.

There’s a storm brewing in this love tale and rocky roads ahead, but dive into this first installment of Can’t Get Enough of His Hood Love and see if fate brings two hearts together, or will past and current relationships keep them apart?