Royal Release

Can’t Hide From Love 2: A Boss’ Obsession

When Trenae is found beaten half to death and unconscious, doctors notify Nae’s family that she will suffer temporary memory loss. In the midst of finding Nae’s body, the police also find a business card next to her. A business card belonging to none other than Nahlij Jones, making him the prime suspect in the investigation. On the run and basically a wanted man, Nahlij has to figure out a way to clear his name by doing anything that he can to help Nae remember what happened, all while dealing with the fact that he is slowly falling for Trenae.

Elsewhere, Silas is dealing with his inner demons as well as the fact that he is slowly losing Trenae. When he discovers that Trenae has been using Nikki’s phone to secretly talk to Nahlij, Silas hatches a plan to keep Nae in his life, but when his secrets and lies begin to unfold, Silas will soon realize that he’s lost Trenae for good.

Will Trenae regain her memory in time to clear Nahlij’s name, or will it be far too late? Will Nahlij finally admit that he’s fallen hard for Trenae, or will he continue to keep his heart guarded? Can Silas keep Trenae in his life, or will his secrets finally be revealed and cause her to walk away? All will be revealed in the second installment of Can’t Hide From Love!