Royal Release

Can’t Hide From Love 3: A Boss’ Obsession

After Trenae, catches her best friend, and ex-boyfriend, together in bed, all hell breaks loose, which lands Trenae in jail facing a lengthy sentence, leaving Nahlij trying to figure out how to get her out, and keep her out.

Silas’s life seem to be spiraling out of control since he doesn’t have Trenae by his side anymore. After the death of someone associated with Silas, more secrets of his start to come to light, which leaves Silas no choice, but to go on the run with one mission in mind: to kill Trenae.

With Silas on the run, Nahlij moves Trenae to California, where he knows that she will be safe. Life in California is not as easy as Trenae thought it would be due to a few ghosts of Nahlij’s past coming to life.

‘What happens in the dark, will come to light’ seems to be the theme of this explosive finale. Will the hidden secrets tear all involved apart, of pull them closer together?