Royal Release

Can't Hide From Love 4: A Boss' Obsession

“Now don't you know, you'll always be the most, beautiful woman I know. So let me reassure you, darling that, my feelings are truly unconditional” – Musiq Soulchild

Everything in Nahlij & Trenae’s life seem to have come together perfectly. Nahlij has his mom, and sister in his life, and Supreme Klean is getting more and more business by the day. Trenae has Beautiful Skin Galore, her family, and friends. Nahlij & Trenae, has their growing healthy son, RJ. Perfect, right?

When a freak accident happens, leaving Trenae immobile, emotions and tensions run high. Trenae becomes wildly depressed, calling off the wedding, and questioning if Nahlij really loves her, especially after Nahlij starts seeking solace elsewhere.

In this 4th and final installment, of Can’t Hide From Love, you'll learn the real meaning of loving, protecting, providing through thick, thin, in sickness, and health.