Royal Release

Can't Leave You Alone: A Dopeboy Love Story

Eighteen-year-old Egypt Montes never let herself get mixed up in the streets unlike her mom, sister, and brother. Graduation is approaching and soon Egypt will be off to college. Never will she have to look back at her block. But will her plans change when RoShawn Coldfield enters her life?

RoShawn Coldfield is a high school dropout who is also deep into the streets. Egypt tries to stay far away from him, but can’t seem to pull away especially when he brings life threatening drama and danger into her once peaceful life. she figures out she’s been living in a world she knew nothing about.

Twenty-year-old Roshawn, better known on the block as Rosh, was on top of his game until a bad turn of events landed him in the last place he wanted to be. School. Yet he will let nothing stop his success as he sets up a plan of events in the midst of someone unknown having a hit out for him. Rosh fights to protect Egypt and his rep, but will it all be worth it or will he fall and drag innocent Egypt down with him?