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Can't Resist A Boss 2: Obessed With The Porter Boys

Candace and Mikayla never thought that their lives would change as drastically as they did. Mikayla is torn between the two—her ex-boyfriend and the man in her life now, Zanier. She thought that she made the right decision by choosing her past, but she will come to find out that was a mistake as well as an unplanned situation that could bring her and Zanier back together or tear them apart even more. Candace is trying to get her life back together after the shooting that almost took her life. She wants Javion and herself to make their relationship work, but Javion is acting like he is not ready when, in actuality, he is. Will he and Candace make it or not?
Zanier really cares about Mikayla, but she is playing with his emotions, which pushes him back into the arms of his ex-girlfriend and Za’Nya’s mom, Allison. He does not really want that, but Mikayla leaves him no choice when she chooses her past over him. He wants to get back on good terms with Javion, but unfortunately, he wants nothing to do with him. He never thought that a certain event would bring Javion and him back together, as well as Mikayla.
Javion blames himself for Candace being shot. He doesn’t want to be with her, because he is afraid that he will put her in even more danger. He promises her and everyone else that he will catch Meech, Kellan, and the main person, Deadly, for hurting the woman that he cares about, and if that means that he has to get the crew back together and sleep with someone to get his answers, he’ll do it, but he doesn’t know the consequences behind the actions he’s done.
Will Mikayla regret the decision she’s made? Will Zanier be able to accept the reason that Mikayla is back in his life? Will Candace be able to forgive Javion because of the things he has done to get back at Deadly and his crew? And will Javion be able to fix the damage that he is about to create?

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