Royal Release

Captured By The Heart Of A Thug 2: A Case of Gangsta Love


The gang is back with more drama than one can handle. Everyone has a past filled with secrets. Will the person you’re with, love you the same when their deepest and darkest secrets are exposed?

Hood hasn’t been the best boyfriend, but no one can deny the love he has for Yana. With everything against them can they remain in love and happy, even when secrets threaten to steal their happiness they both thought they had?

Both Diva and Sham were living the life they’d both wanted, and the blessing they had on the way was the icing on the cake. That was until a woman who spoke of their love triangle came into the situation and forced their relationship into a standstill. To top it all off, the blessing inside of Diva’s stomach eventually comes into question. Will the result move their relationship along, or will it sabotage Diva and Sham’s future forever?

Miece thought she had her life with Jock figured out until he died from being shot, and a woman claiming to be his mother pops up. Losing herself in all the drama, someone comes back from Miece’s past, making her remember exactly who she is. Will Miece finally be able to move on? Find out the final sentencing of love in Captured by the Heart of a Thug: A Case of Gangsta Love.