Royal Release

Caught Up In a Street King

Trying to make ends meet every day, Charity and Lashontae search for love and affection in all the wrong places. While looking for a come-up from street kings and ghetto boys, a lot of danger and heartache is thrown in their way.
Charity is a part-time stripper and works at a soul food restaurant part time. She tries her hardest to stay away from her ex, but once he resurfaces in her life, her whole world changes. Valentino is a jack of all trades, but will always have love for Charity. However, he always makes the wrong decisions and his wrong decision this time gets them both into trouble.
Lashontae does all she can to make ends meet while going back and forth between her lovers, D-Lo and Marco. While only wanting them for their money, she ends up falling in love with both men. Deciding between the two was hard and almost deadly, but she has no choice but to choose.