Royal Release

Cee-Cee & Juelz's Christmas: A Holiday Novella

Cee-Cee is used to the times where the holiday season would just come and a go without love or cheer. Due to an uncontrollable amount of tragedies, Cee-Cee wants to find something to bring her into the holiday spirit. She comes up with a grand idea to host a holiday kickback for the community.

However, nothing ever happens as planned when it comes to this family. Juelz and Cee-Cee’s holiday season is shaken up when pictures began to float around that could be the evidence that Detective Hughes needs to put him away for a long time. Cee-Cee is masterful and crafty, but her interference may have caused another set of problems for Juelz and his crew.

Cee-Cee thinks it is time for change and thinks that the holiday season is the perfect time to tug at Juelz’s heart and change his ways. Even thugs need a little Christmas magic. A letter to Santa Claus and a lot of hope and prayers may be just what the couple needs to get things back on the right track. Find out if Cee-Cee and Juelz can find their way through the storm to enjoy a little Christmas magic.