Royal Release

Charming A Jamaican Kingpin's Heart

Messiah Clarke is facing some of the biggest challenges of his life. He has great money and power, but he can’t stop his beloved wife, Paisley, from dying from stage 3 breast cancer. They’ve been married for 17 years and Messiah has made a conscious decision to walk away from his drug empire in Jamaica and move to the United States in hopes of getting her treatment.

Alfie Clarke, Messiah’s little cousin, is due to inherit the family’s empire when Messiah steps down. Alfie is young, reckless, and has a lot to learn. Messiah wants to leave his best friend and right-hand man, Kensie Saint James, in charge while he figures out his wife’s situation, but his uncle is pressuring him to let Alfie take his rightful place as head of their Rasta clan. However, Messiah isn’t convinced that it’s the best course of action.

Charming “Charm” Backster has found herself in one hell of a predicament at the age of 22. Her choices are to go to jail for the next 20 years for drug trafficking and money laundering, or be a nanny for her father’s good friend, Messiah, and gather intel on him and his organization. She doesn’t have anything to lose being that the feds took everything that her family owned. To make matters worse, her uncle is the FBI agent that’s pressing her to do it. But when she finally meets Messiah, will her emotions get in the way of the job she’s been sent to complete?