Royal Release

Chosen For These Streets: His Angel & His Streets

Chozen has been and the bottom of the totem pole long enough. He is ready to shine in new position. With Smooth and Snow out of the way, he is left to defend the streets of Birmingham on his own. Life is great, money is right and he has found love in Harmony. She brings the peace and tranquility that Chozen has been missing in his life. But she has a secret that could put everything that Chozen has worked for into jeopardy.
The streets of Birmingham were quiet and clamed until Black Ice’s son, Silva Dolla, comes back for revenge. Chozen makes some decisions that question his loyalty and leaves him with a big target on his back. Until now, he never considered having a partner, because he did not know who he could trust in this industry.
Chozen know that the streets are dog eat dog. He has to stand up on his own two feet when he finds himself no longer having Smooth as a mentor to turn to. Silva is hot on his ass and taking over right before Chozen’s eyes. Who will he be able to turn to for help? Will he be able to bounce back? Will Harmony’s secret cause him even more havoc? Find out that and catch up with some of your favorite characters from His Angel and His Streets: Holding a Thug’s heart!