Royal Release

Chosen By The King of Miami 2: A Grimey Love Affair

“If someone truly loves you then they’ll always leave a piece of their heart open for you.”
After coming off the tour of a lifetime, the fairytale happily ever after that Symphony Haveras imagined for herself has vanished and is replaced by a living nightmare. Her once solid relationship with Carter is crumbling fast and every piece of it they patch together, someone tears it apart. From Carter's dramatic groupies, to Symphony's too-close-for-comfort relationship with her sexy label mate, Zayne, the only thing that can repair the solid foundation they once built is trust. But when a secret from Carter's past leaks and changes the dynamic of their relationship, Symphony has to make the decision to be the loyal girlfriend or seek happiness elsewhere. As if her love life wasn’t in shambles enough, she finds herself dealing with life sharing the face of a newly released murderer: her twin sister Harmony.
After spending the past year in jail for a crime that she insists that she didn’t commit, Harmony Haveras is a free woman with a lot of time to make up. She wants to be the best mother she can to her daughter and rebuild her life by reclaiming the power behind the Haveras last name. Convinced that she’ll never have the success that her sister has, Harmony settles in for a life of normalcy when she finds herself skyrocketed into fame by one chance performance. She catches the eye of rappers, old flames, and every eligible bachelor in Miami, but none of them are Kason, the man who believed in her when she was nothing more than a meth addict living in Liberty City. In the end Harmony has to decide if she wants to live a life of fame and fortune, or will she settle down in the name of love.