Royal Release

Chosen By The King of Miami

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Miami, there lived two princesses, Symphony and Harmony Haveras. The daughters of the king of Miami have everything that a girl could wish for—beauty, class, and the admiration of everyone in the land—except they both feel incomplete.
Symphony has plans to rule the music industry, of course. Out singing grown women from the moment she could talk, Symphony is a force to be reckoned with and has won the love and admiration of not only her parents, but also everyone she meets. However, such love comes with a price—the loneliness she feels when watching everyone around her fall in love. Convinced that she may never meet her prince charming, along comes the infamous Carter, a street god turned rapper. A modern-day Tupac, Carter gives Symphony the confidence that she needs to conquer the world the same way she conquers his heart.
Harmony, on the other hand, has plans that involve her stepping out of the shadow her sister has created. With no remarkable talent of her own, Harmony finds herself searching for her own niche in the Haveras family, and it starts when she gives away the power of the Haveras name. Surrounded by drugs, poverty, and on a quest for the almighty dollar, Harmony will do anything to make sure that she comes out on top. Even if it means turning on her flesh and blood.
With a sibling rivalry straight out of the history books, Crowned by the King of Miami asks the eternal question: if blood is thicker than water, can DNA handle a little grime?