Royal Release

Chozen For These Streets 2: His Angel & His Streets

Chozen is living life. With his last archenemy behind bars, there is no one in his way as he maintains his legacy in the streets. He turns his focus to expanding his businesses. Alongside his right hand partner, Dillon, Chozen opens up a successful club. He moves his drugs from off the streets into his own private establishment. Business is good, but he quickly realizes that he has more enemies than he thought. One who is out for revenge for the death of his son.
Harmony tries to prove her loyalty to Chozen, while at the same time dipping into her own business on the side. Harmony still has a thirst for detective work and secretly opens her own private investigation company. When her first client’s case intertwines with Chozen and one of his businesses, Harmony take things into her own hands. As she looks deeper into her case, she finds she may have gotten into more than she had bargained for.
Chozen tries to stay focused, but when he finds out that Harmony may be behind a high profiled murder that could be linked back to him, he begins to question her loyalty to him. The couple’s relationship is tested. Even though Harmony is a rider for her man, she is faced with the hard decision to stay or leave him. When she finds some of her old coworkers are sniffing behind him after him, Harmony gets into protective mode, but is too late?