Royal Release

Closer To You

Shari Casten is the what one who call loyal. Loyalty is what she live by. So when her high school sweetheart, Jason, asks her to marry him, she said yes without a question. She was everything that a wife was supposed to be but Jason was everything other than what a husband was supposed to be. Being the woman that she is, she stayed around in good faith hoping that he would change. Waiting for him to change opened the door for him to get in every woman’s bed that came his way.

But as we all know, every woman gets fed up at some point and wants to do what is best for her. Shari has finally reached that point. She just wanted to have fun for her 25th birthday, she didn’t expect to go to Atlanta and run into prince charming, Dominic. Dominic comes in and shows her what comes with dealing with a boss. No matter how much Shari tries to pull away from him it doesn’t work. After Jason found out about Shari and Dominic, he decide that it was time to get himself together but it was too late. Shari is at her breaking point and was ready for a divorce. But as you know, Jason is not having that. Can Jason let go? Or will he put up a fight?

Shari’s best friends, Cassidy and Kiah, try and be there for her as much as they can but the have their own issues that need to be handled.
Her best friend, Kiah, is embarking on a new journey in life once she is done with college, but Maxx, her pimp, is not having that. Just like Shari, Kiah is ready to make some changes in her life and she is determined to make them even if it kills her. She does her best to keep her life a secret but Keiland, her new boo found out about her lifestyle and it changes the way that he looks at her. Will his vision of her change for the worst? Or will it make them closer?

Shari’s other best friend Cassidy, found out that her longtime boyfriend and sister had an affair. That alone messes up her head and how she looked at love. But Elijah comes in her life and tries to change that. But he has his own baggage that gets in the way of the relationship that they are trying to build.

Will love come in show them that there are some good men still left? Or will the bad ones from their past ruin it for them? How can one trip to Atlanta change their lives? Will Shari want to be closer to Dominic or will her past get in the way?