Royal Release

Cold-Blooded 2: The Story Of Vynom Parks

I knew I was going to enjoy bodying Sly when I first started planning this, but never would I have thought it would feel so… delicious.

After dropping the first member of the goon squad, Vynom’s only objective was to continue her wrath of vengeance on the goon squad. She demanded blood from everyone that had laid hands on her and had no intentions of stopping until she got it. For a minute, it seemed like nothing would get in the way of her warpath against the goon squad. That is until a crooked detective showed up at her front door. How convenient that the same detective that had swept her rape case under the rug now wanted to question her about a murder.

In spite of his suspicions, Vynom continues her reign of terror on the goon squad, systematically taking them out one by one. As details of the gruesome murders begin to reach the media, Vynom has to use all of her resources to cover her tracks. All the while, the voices in her head are getting louder, begging her to continue on the path of destruction in pain. The worst part is, she is beginning to enjoy it. With the detective hot on her tracks, will Vynom be able to finish her quest to end the goon squad? Or will she lose her freedom, her life, and her sanity in the process?