Royal Release

Craving That Hood Love: Nautica & Gutta

Life wasn’t easy for Nautica Butler. She’s the product of an absent father and mother. Nautica tries her best to keep afloat and not become a product of her environment. With a praying grandmother who won’t let her fail, things are hard for Nautica.

At almost 18, her focus should be on graduating and her choice of college. Being an A student thanks to her grandmother might not satisfy her craving. That all comes to a halt when she starts craving that hood love from bad boy Cedric “GUTTA” Grayson. Nautica is young, naive, blinded by love, and most importantly, fragile. Having never been exposed to love, Nautica’s life takes a turn. Could it be for better or worse? 

Gutta is all about his money and taking care of his family, nothing else. If it isn’t about the money, the conversation is null and void for niggas and bitches alike. People who know him in the streets would describe him as reserved and calculated. He’s coming up in the game with his two right hands, Malone and Dolph. They say all the company isn’t good company. See what happens when they mix the two. Jealousy strikes between the friends causing wedges to be drawn. Money can turn your friends into villains.

Love has never been easy, in fact, most call it a battlefield. A bad boy and good girl are the perfect match when you’re able to put the drama to the side. But when the drama dances in the eyes of the one you love, perfect can start to look tainted.