Royal Release

Crazy Over You: The Love of a Carter Boss

When an innocent British girl falls for a dangerous yet charming American, what’s the worst that could happen?

Moriah Washington never would have imagined that she would be engaged to a man in prison, who had been sentenced to two years due to the possession of a firearm. Damien Carter was the bad boy that Moriah never saw coming. Bad boys weren’t ever on her hit list, and Moriah didn’t even care for them until Damien came along and changed everything, giving her access to a world of Hollywood luxury, wealth, endless love, and nothing but out-of-this-world sex.

When her man is taken away, Moriah does what she believes in her heart is the best thing to do. She steps up to the plate to hold him down all alone. She patiently waits for him like any loyal woman would do, but after he is released, they slowly begin to drift apart. Instead of working on building a stronger foundation with her, Damien focuses more on running the streets and spending excessive time with his boys. The rejection causes Moriah to find comfort in someone else’s arms.

Someone who is as cocky, confident, and as classy as they come. Someone who makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and treats her like the Queen she truly is. No matter what she does or how hard she tries, she can never seem to get him out of her mind.

Is Moriah willing to throw away a four-year relationship and engagement that she waited so patiently for? Is she strong enough to walk away from the man who has held her heart for years to suddenly be with a man that warms her heart in a way that has never been done before?

Follow Moriah on this journey of passion, deceit, and true love. The new lover of her life may be the boss of Moriah’s heart, but is Moriah sure she’s ready for the man she has unintentionally fallen for? A man who just happens to be the nephew of the infamous Damien Carter.

Moriah’s dirty little secret won’t only cause destruction but could also end up leaving her life in jeopardy. What’s a woman to do when she’s so crazy in love?