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Crazy Over You: The Love of a Carter Boss The Finale

Isaiah: I’m sorry with how I texted you a few hours ago, Mo. But you just drive a nigga crazy. I love you Mo, and I don’t want no one else having you but me. If I can’t have you, no one can. I ain’t gonna allow the next dude to keep getting a taste of what belongs to me. You belong to me. I belong to you.

Moriah Washington has it all. The perfect life, home, and anything that a girl could ever want. To most, she has the perfect man in her fiancé, Damien Carter. So why had she been able to fall into the arms of his nephew, Isaiah Carter, so willingly?

Being crazy over someone is known to be deadly. Deadly in the sense that it can drive you insane, knowing how one person can control your emotions with a wink of an eye or a simple breath. For Moriah Washington, being crazy over someone she knows she’s not supposed to have any connections with could send her deeper into a sticky, messy situation. But finding out that the one man who she had ever really loved could just be a “heterosexual” in disguise is sure to send her straight into the arms of another. Her entire world falls apart after finding her fiancé, Damien Carter, with another man in their home. As a devastated Moriah tries to come to grips with all that has gone wrong in her life, she decides to do the one thing that seems best for everyone; she runs.

Moriah Washington swore on everything she loved and believed, that no man would ever disrespect her. When Damien does exactly that, Moriah is heartbroken and completely devastated. Knowing that she herself hasn’t been the best wife by creeping around with his nephew makes Moriah run, feeling ashamed and shocked at all the drama. But trying to run further away from the one man who is falling in love with her and the one man who warned her never to leave him leaves Moriah confused, conflicted, and scared. Scared because she knows she’s fallen for the man that she isn’t engaged to.

What’s a woman to do when she’s so crazy in love?

Isaiah Carter knows that he’s got it bad for Moriah. Initially, he thought he didn’t care about seeing her with Damien. But then, things started getting real, and he realizes he isn’t going to be able to cope seeing the woman he loves with another man. He’s finally managed to squirm his way out of the grips of his uncle’s dangerous business and lifestyle. But he finds himself distracted because of one reason and one reason only—Moriah. He can’t deny his feelings for her and refuses to give up on the woman that he feels should be his. After forcing her to choose, panic sets in at the realization of her choosing Damien. When she fails to respond to his messages and calls, Isaiah decides to leave her alone. But when an unexpected visitor has shocking revelations to tell him, Isaiah goes after his woman and vows to be with her. All the while, Damien Carter is also on a search to find his fiancée, determined that nothing or no one will stand in his way.

Two Carter men crazy over one woman? This surely can’t end well…