Royal Release

Created For a Boss 3: Jaheim & Kennedy

Kennedy and Jaheim almost had their happy ending in Created for a Boss 2, but with her best friend getting shot at her wedding and her grandmother's death still fresh on her mind Kennedy is having a hard time keeping it together. She is trying to be strong for her family and friends in their time of need but she feels like she is unraveling.
Jaheim King prides himself on being on point at all times, but he feels like he is to blame for the horrific accident that happened at his wedding. By taking a new position in his family business he is trying to be the boss that his family needs him to be and be a good husband to his Kennedy, but he's finding it hard to juggle the two.
The two lovers are now exiting the honeymoon stage of their relationship and life is starting to get real. Friends are turning into enemies and family members can't be trusted.
Created for a Boss 3 will make you laugh and cry and motivate you to believe in love. Join Kennedy and Jaheim as their epic love story continues