Royal Release

Creepin' Around 3: A VA Love Story

Everything is in an uproar when Shayla emerges after five years and Dreaux’s actions have cost him his relationship. No one knows what is going on and who is telling the truth. What is really going on with the DuPont family?

Chrystianna is struggling to maintain her composure after Shayla drops a child on her and Fabian, then disappears. Just when she finally gets closure from Prophet, this woman comes in her life and tries to turn it upside down. Will she be able to make it through? Or will she throw in the towel on her relationship?

Magic is a mother once again, but she is still feeling like her family is incomplete. After reaching out to her mother, she wishes that she would have left things buried. Will she be able to handle what her mother tells her? Or will this be the final straw?

Tiana is a woman of her word. Once Dreaux breaks her trust, she retreats back home to start her life as a single mother. But will a scare in her pregnancy cause her to run back into Dreaux’s arms?

Dreaux has hit rock bottom. His insecurities surface and cause him to lose the one person that loves him for who he is. On a downward spiral, he let’s his guard down and gets caught in a life-threatening situation. Will he get it together in time? Or will he lose everything, including his life?

Shayla is a woman on a mission, still. She comes across as a scandalous woman trying to win Dreaux back, but that was all a part of her plan to make sure her daughter was safe. She knows a lot of secrets and is working hard to expose them before she loses her life. Will she be able to succeed in her plan? Or will the opportunity slip through her fingers?

So many lives will change or be lost in the final installment of this heart- pounding series. Stay tuned and see if creepin’ around was worth it all in the end.