Royal Release

Creepin' Around: A VA Love Story

Chrystianna is a woman torn. Her heart is with, Fabian, the man who swept her off her feet the moment she met him one night at a club. She wants to be with him at all costs, but is fearful of Prophet, the man that she has been with since high school, who is also the father of her two-year-old twins. Prophet has beaten her mentally and physically and she is terrified to leave him. That is until an incident in her home forces her to make a drastic decision. Fabian is the type of man who gets whatever he wants and, right now, he wants Chrystianna and won’t stop until he has her. He’s ready to wage war against Prophet in order to make Chystianna his but is she ready to leave the past for a future with the man of her dreams?

Magic has been friends with Chrystianna since tenth grade. The two have a bond that is super tight but one secret could ruin it all: Magic has been sleeping with Prophet off and on for years and may even have kids with him. When all of her lies and secrets begin to surface, her life changes in ways that no one would ever see coming. A familiar face comes in and makes her realize that all she has to do is open up and love herself, but will it be too late to right her wrongs?

Prophet is a man with more issues than Vogue. He beats and cheats on Chrystianna with her best friend and others. Plus, he has secrets that threaten everything around him. From his heroin use, to his down-low sex life, Prophet has so much to lose if exposed. He has done a good job at hiding his double life, until a fiasco erupts right at his doorstep. Will he survive? Or will he be outed to everyone around him?

Follow the lives of these individuals as they are all intertwined in some way. Lies, deceit and broken promises all threaten to do damage to everyone’s lives in part one of this heart-pounding trilogy.