Royal Release

Crossing the Line: A Chaotic Love


Casanova, better known as Nova, is the oldest out of her other two sisters. She is the manipulative and smart one who doesn’t believe in working and lives by the saying ‘if you got it flaunt it’. She flaunts it so good that she has two different boyfriends. One that lives in town and one that lives out of state, but that doesn’t stop her from being on the lookout for a third guy to add to her team. Unfortunately, one of her sister’s boyfriend is looking to fill that spot. Will she take the bait and add him to her team and risk causing problems between her and her sisters? Will her boyfriends eventually catch on to her games? Or will she outsmart them all and come out on top without a scratch?

Harmony, better known as Mony, is the second oldest out of the sisters. She’s the one that is rough around the edges and loves all things hood. That includes her drug dealer boyfriend who she just so happens to traffic drugs for. Will her street life catch up with her and possibly leave her with problems that just may not be able to be solved? Or will she barely slip through the cracks of trouble?

Noelle, better known as Elle, is the youngest out of the sisters. She is the sweet and caring one. She’s also nothing short of an angel in her daddy’s eyes. She’s known to follow the rules and seems to have the perfect life with the help of her father and boyfriend, but is she as innocent as she comes off to be? Or does she have a secret that could ruin her good girl image and force her father and sisters to look at her differently?