Royal Release

Cuffed By a Gangsta: LA & Mocha

“When are you going to learn that it never ends? You take one of theirs, they take one of yours and the mess just keeps going.”

When two people from the opposite sides of the track come together, is it fate or would you call it just a chance encounter that should’ve been left at just that, an encounter? Philly is known for its infamous gangs, but no gang is as deadly or lethal as the Notorious Hitta’ gang. With the untimely death of NHG leader Sco, LA, next in line is forced into a position that he at one point wanted nothing to do with. LA is a hot head who graduated from the school of hard knocks and bleeds NHG. Now with LA leading the crew, he vows to avenge his brother’s death, but his tunnel vision is thrown off when Mocha Hart comes into his life.

Mocha, a promising Pediatric nurse, and a boss chick wants nothing more than to put her heart ache from previous relationships aside to focus on her career. Mocha and LA couldn’t be more different and while Mocha has a M.S. at the end of her name, LA has NHG before his and in his eyes, nothing comes before the gang. A chance encounter connects the two, but Mocha soon learns that she is connected to NHG’s rival gang, The Natural Born Killers, more than she knows. When Mocha’s loyalty is tested, she must decide if it’s worth being a banger’s girl or if fate made a mistake. 

Ashlyn is just trying to piece her life back together after losing her child’s father and having to ultimately raise her child alone. After licking her wounds and being over men who toy with her heart, Ashlyn sets her sights on an old friend, who runs with NHG. When Ashlyn’s new found relationship ends more quickly than it began, she questions her worth and if she even deserves to be loved.

Peaches and Pisces both want things that they cannot have, but they can’t see past their own selfish wants to realize that we seldomly win when playing dirty. The women both long after NHG’s infamous LA but must rethink their thirst trap plans when Mocha comes into the picture. Both envious of Mocha and willing to stop at nothing to get to LA, someone will win, and someone could end up getting burned.

In this tale of feuding rivals, love burns, and scandals, what will be more important; protecting the ones you love or claiming king of the streets?