Royal Release

Cuffed By A Southern King 2

After the death of Misa’s husband, her world turned upside down. From Philly’s side chick asking for money for an outside baby to a ghost from Misa’s past popping up and staking claim to one of her children, life has been one roller coaster ride. The only thing that gives Misa a slight bit of solace is the affection from her long-time best friend, Big Tyme. With each hug and kiss from him, Misa no longer feels guilty about moving on so quickly after her husband’s death. The love from Big Tyme is much needed, until his scorned ex reveals a secret to Misa that shatters her entire world and breaks what little heart she has left. 

Losing her father to the feds and her stepfather to the streets, has Aaliyah scared to love a dope boy, but she is drawn to Menalique like a magnet. He is the kind of man that her mother loved for fifteen years, and Aaliyah couldn’t leave him alone if she tried. The only problem is, the drama with him and her ex is getting thick. Aaliyah fears for Menalique’s safety and his freedom every time he leaves the house. No matter how much he reassures her that he’s good, Aaliyah can’t find comfort, but she makes the effort to be happy. All of that effort may be for nothing when the woman that Menalique left behind in Texas, pays him a surprise visit. 

You don’t want to miss the jaw-dropping drama that this sequel brings.