Royal Release

Cuffed By A Southern King

Misa Wells lived a life that many women envied. After losing her first love Tek to federal prison, Misa’s hardships as a single mother didn’t last long. Alex, AKA Philly, swooped in like a true knight in shining armor. As one of the richest drug dealers in North Carolina, Philly made Misa’s every wish come true. From buying her an upscale salon to moving her into a neighborhood amongst doctors and politicians, it seemed that Misa had it all. When she gets the call that Philly was murdered, her life changes seemingly overnight. From learning of Philly’s infidelity to being visited by a ghost from her own past, Misa can’t even grieve in peace.

Her best friend of twenty years, Big Tyme, steps up to the plate and is by her side, even if it means neglecting his own girlfriend. No one but him knows that he’s loved Misa for the past twenty years, and he refuses to let her get away, even if it means breaking the heart of the woman that loves him.

Misa’s daughter Aaliyah lost her biological father to prison, and then she loses Philly. Aaliyah attempts to numb the pain with bad habits and poor decisions. When Philly’s godson comes to town, Menalique is like Philly reincarnated. Each time he checks Aaliyah about something she’s done, it irritates her until she realizes that he’s handsome, charming and soon to be rich after taking over Philly’s empire. But loving dope boys never worked out for her mother, and Aaliyah is terrified of losing love to the streets. Will love conquer all?