Royal Release

Cyntavia & Tyrone: A Hood Love Triangle

Seventeen-year-old Cyntavia Williams is a young girl raised in the suburbs of Staten Island, NY by her single mother. Upon seeing everyone around her all boo’d up, she goes out in search for a man of her own. Cyn gets so caught up in looking that she doesn’t even realize that the perfect man for her was right beside her the entire time.

It was love at first sight when Tyrone Evans first laid eyes on Cyn. Though he had been friend-zoned throughout their high school years, Ty continues to play his position of a shoulder to cry on, hoping that one day Cyn would open her eyes and see that he has a lot to offer. With his father in prison, he makes it his goal not to end up like him and to strive for a path on the straight and narrow. However, when Cyn gets in trouble, Ty might end up having to use the resources of his father’s ties in crime.

To the outside world, he’s a hero cop, but behind closed doors Khadeem Johnson’s jealousy gets the best of him and Cyn receives the worst of it. She pushes everyone away for their own safety after he threatens to kill them. Little does she know that the one person who can save her is the one whose heart she broke. With family and friends no longer in her corner, Cyn finds herself deep in a hole she hasn’t even realized she dug until it is too late. Now, she alone must fight her way back to the top in order to free herself from the man who controls her before it’s too late.

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