Royal Release

Dangerously in Love With A Thug 2

After the horrendous night with Taz, Karisma wakes up in the last place she would have ever expected to be. Once, she figures out that she has no choice but to stay put, she quickly come to terms with staying there.
With Taz in the shadows everything seems to be going good for her at first, but of course that can only last for so long. When one of her friends comes to her asking for her help Karisma feels like she has no choice, but to oblige and ignores the little voice in her head screaming for her not to do it. Soon after, Kyson’s alleged actions comes back and bites Karisma in the ass leaving her no choice, but to feel like she is literally dangerously in love with a thug.
Will Karisma give up on Kyson and throw their neoteric love away after the trouble he causes her? Or will she even make it out alive to have a choice?