Royal Release

Dangerously in Love with a Thug

Karisma Brooks is a young sixteen-year-old girl who was abandoned at the age of six by her mother. Thrown into the system at such a young age, she knows all about the hard life and doesn’t know anything about being cared for, or loved even.

Moving into her fifth foster home, Karisma is expecting nothing but bad things, being that pain, fear and hurt is all she knows. The only thing she is thankful for is that this particular home is for girls only. After being raped at her previous foster homes this all-girl foster home isn’t anything but a blessing for her.

The saying “all good things must come to an end” has proved to be nothing but the truth for her. Whenever a little bit of good comes to her she knows a lot of bad is to follow, so when she finds herself falling in love at first sight she doesn't know how to accept it and knows that nothing but trouble could come from it.

One thing for sure is she never thought she would fall for someone, especially not so quickly. So she chooses to follow her heart and ignore the danger right in front of her face. Blinded by love and lust, she makes one move that will be her biggest mistake ever.
she starts falling even harder for Taz although he's somewhat responsible for her horrific troubles.

Will she be able to pull herself together before it's too late or will she allow the first feeling of being loved turn her into someone else?