Royal Release

Destiny & Trent 3: A Hood Wedding

Your favorite couple is back!

Destiny and Trent are now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl named Tressanne. The next step for them is about to be marriage. Sounds simple enough, right? Trent proposes to the love of his life, Destiny, a changed man. He is no longer a stripper at The Stallion Club and is the proud owner of Heaven’s Auto Shop. But of course, nothing ever comes easy his way!

A string of bad luck and unforeseen circumstances lead Trent into a bad financial situation. With his wedding day quickly approaching, he sees no other choice but to start stripping again!

The only problem is that Destiny doesn’t know about it. Will he be able to pull off the ultimate betrayal? Or will this be the end of our beloved couple? Read what happens to see if these two are finally able to have their Hood Wedding.