Royal Release

Devoted To An Outlaw 2

by DAK

After dealing with a tragic loss, Havoc is trying to figure out how to balance his life raising a kid while revenge is on his mind. With Biz still walking around, Havoc is bound to do just about anything to make sure his days are limited. He’s willing to get just about anyone on his side who hates Biz as much as he does..

Meanwhile, Ivory is trying to find his way. Retracing the steps of his past, the only thing on his mind is avenging his parents’ death. Unsure of where to go to put the pieces together, he goes back to where it all went bad for him, reliving the memories of his past. When the truth comes out, Ivory is torn on how to handle it and unsure if he can.
Bonnie and Biz are trying to get this thing called love right, but when things take a turn for the worst it seems that Biz may have his hands fuller than he can handle. While trying to be a dad, Biz is also trying to be a friend to Missy. But as she becomes a distraction, Bonnie’s radar is alert.