Royal Release

Devoted To An Outlaw

by DAK

Biz is the founder of Dead Silence, the most lethal company for murder for hire. When he’s paid for one of his very own assassin’s murder, he knows that it can be a great thing or horrible. When it comes to pleasure and business, is Biz capable of separating the two without getting his own hands dirty?

Rashad aka Havoc is a real nigga who goes after anyone who hurts his family. When his best friend Khalil is killed, everyone is in for feeling his wrath. Anyone associated with his death is in for a rude awakening, even if his twin sister is one of them. To him loyalty is everything, but it seems like he is the only person in his world who believes that.

When Bonnie falls for the enemy, she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place having to choose between her twin brother Havoc or her man Biz. Although Biz had betrayed her trust, he still holds the little bit of love that she has left in her heart. When the two men she loves the most are at each other’s throats, which side is she supposed to pick?