Royal Release

Devoted to Him 2: An Urban Love Story

A man that loves her unconditionally and a baby on the way, Heiress should be floating on cloud nine. But how can she when she keeps getting hit from all sides? Finding out that Michael was married to Kaleef’s sister was one blow to Heiress’ heart but to find out that her best friend was murdered is enough to send her over the edge. No one understands more than she does where Kaleef’s loyalty lies but is their love strong enough to withstand yet another secret that someone very close to her has in their closet?

Everything that Jenna has done to make sure she has the top spot in Pierre’s life seems to be working in her favor or is it? Because of her selfish ways Nia has lost her life and she won’t be the only casualty. Jenna has more secrets than Victoria and it makes one question who is she really devoted to? Pierre may think he has the upper hand while Jenna holds all the cards.
Lexani and Pierre are once again on that crazy rollercoaster that she refuses to get off. Time and time again he proves that she isn’t his priority and neither are the kids that they share. No matter how many tears her kids cry she keeps turning the blind eye until her son DayDay makes the decision to remove one of them from her life in a drastic way. The love that should have been given to her kids instead of a man has now caused her to lose not one but two of the most important people in her life.
Pierre is still Pierre but won’t be for long. Not if his wife has anything to do with it. She’s back with more secrets for more money and if he knows like Necole does he will do what she wants or risk going back to prison. If there is one thing that everyone should know about Pierre though is that he doesn’t scare easily. Not even the many hidden kids and baby mama’s can knock him off his square as long as Lexani is by his side. But what will he do when the one woman that he never doubted decides that she no longer wants to be devoted to him?

So many secrets come to the light causing relationships to be tested but there is one revelation so big that has the potential to destroy everyone in it way, especially Heiress!