Royal Release

Devoted To Him: An Urban Love Story

Heiress, Jenna, and Nia are all successful in their careers as nurses but the same cant be said for their love lives.

Finding out that she was the side chick the night her fiancés wife went into labor was devastating to Heiress but she didn’t care how devoted to him she was, there was no way that she would knowingly continue that relationship. Karma was alive and kicking and that was just something she could do without. Deciding to focus only on her career the thought of a man was pushed to the back of her mind. That’s is until the extremely sexy Dr. Kahleef Muhammad enters her life. Is he too good to be true or just what she needs to get back on the dating scene?
Jenna is all about using what she has to get what she wants. Her body included. She may be succeeding in her career but failing miserably in the love department. After finally getting rid of her no good cheating boyfriend Twan, she is out for self. No longer will she be devoted to someone who constantly plays her but she will be the one the next man devotes himself to. By any means necessary!

Pierre is the ladies man and is proud of it. He makes it no secret that he has multiple women but it’s the children that he continues to pop out left and right that he wants to hide. Why? Maybe because the woman that he needs the most, Lexani is the one who really runs the show. For years Lex has held Pierre down in his business and in his bedroom but is her devotion to him slowly coming to an end?

Enter into the lives of the women who continue to put the men in their lives above everything else. Sex, money, lust, lies, and love come into play. Some may come out winners in the game but there will most definitely be losers, but who?