Royal Release

Disloyal: A Treacherous Love Affair


Have you ever met the man of your dreams only to find out he was a nightmare. Meet Haven. Haven’s an upcoming author from Detroit, MI who has everything her heart desires, a beautiful three year old daughter who she adores, a loyal man who adores her, a promising career and a nice savings account. Sound too good to be true right? Well it is. Haven has life a shattering secret no one knows about and her daughter’s father is a low down womanizer who impregnated her and kept moving. Haven loves her daughter with every fiber of her being so she stops at nothing to try to get her child’s father active in her life which in turn might ruin hers.

Haven’s isn’t the only single mother trying to make it without help from a man she thought she was in love with. Lotus was once a busy hair braider who was close to opening her own braiding shop when she met a man who sweep her of her feet and out of her panties. Once a carefree, young woman with nothing but opportunity at her feet, Lotus was now strapped down with an autistic son, living off of public assistance, and chasing the man who once said he’d love her forever.

If Haven’s and Lotus’ issues aren’t enough, last but not least, get acquainted with Zara. Zara’s problems are opposite of Haven and Lotus. She’s actually married to the man of her dreams but after ignoring several red flags that were thrown in her face, Zara decided to turn a blind eye and fix him. She soon learns that a man who has a lot of baggage may not only drag her down but destroy her life.

Take a journey with these three woman as they all struggle with life after opening themselves up to the wrong man. They all have different issues, however, the one thing they have in common is Aaron Avery. Yes, Aaron Avery is the father of Haven’s daughter, father of Lotus’ son and husband of Zara. Dive into the pages and see how these three women try to move forward without killing Aaron and more importantly, killing each other.