Royal Release

Disturbed 2: An Unbalanced Love

While Venus is away, Mars will Play. That’s exactly what’s going down in this continuance of Disturbed An Unbalanced Love.

After witnessing the love of her life, the only man she has ever loved, being run down, Venus is left numb and confused. Unable to cope with the possible death of Lodi, Venus falls into an emotional anesthetic state, allowing her alter ego Mars to show her evil ass.

After riding off into the sunset with her match made in hell Trub, these two deadly lovers are causing havoc and making enemies everywhere they go. With no sighting of Venus, Mars is able to live how she please. With the number of bodies accumulating under Mars belt, she’s proving that she’s not the one to play with. That’s until she’s caught off guard by a ghost from her past that has her own score to settle with Mars. Has Mars finally met her match? Has Venus completely checked out? Or will she be left to deal with the consequences of Mars’ action? There is only one way to find out.