Royal Release

Disturbed 3: An Unbalanced Love

“An unbalanced force is a force that causes change in the motion of an object. Ladonis, you are my unbalanced force. You changed the motion of my life for the better, and for that I thank you.” ~ Venus Morgan
Waking from her self-induced coma after almost a year, pregnant and the number one suspect in a murder, Venus’s life is in shambles. After learning of the possibility of going to jail for murders committed by her alter, Mars, Venus picks up and leaves, leaving behind her fiancé and a newborn baby. Now in a new state, Venus finds herself in an even worse situation than the one she fled from. Unable to deal with the feeling of being alone and worthless, and with the help of the voice in her head, Venus contemplates ending it all for good.
New home, new love, new family. After spending a whole year looking for Venus instead of enjoying the pleasures of fatherhood, Lodi gives up. He realizes he can’t keep looking for someone that doesn’t want to be found. He finds solace in another woman who has had her eyes on the prize for years. With Venus out of the picture, she’s now able to have what she always wanted, and that isn’t his heart.
Ladonis’s world is shaken up when an unexpected visitor shows up at his door apologetic and asking for a favor. Will Ladonis risk everything to help this person? Or will he slam the door on their friendship forever?