Royal Release

Down For Mine 2

The smoke has cleared, but their attitudes haven’t, and the Jackson sisters are going through all kinds of problems in their personal lives. Candy still feels some type of way about Amber, but neither one of them have reached out to resolve their issue. Thelma is feeling bad about the mistakes she’s made with Rufus, and a part of her wants to go to him and explain her feelings. However, a new lover has her nose wide open, and a shocking reality check will make Thelma rethink her life choices. Was it a good idea for her to cheat on her husband? And will she be able to reclaim the man she loves? 
Shirley has been a pillar of support to her sisters as they go through their trials and tribulations with their partners, but they’re not enough of a distraction to keep her from dealing with her own issues. Shirley has found herself smitten by the sexy detective that’s been following Larry, but her faithfulness to God and her wedding vows is keeping her in check. Also, it feels like having Dick tail Larry has become pointless until an incident happens to bring everything in full circle. Will the sisters be able to support each other in their time of need and handle whatever problems come their way?