Royal Release

Down For Mine 3: An Urban Love Story

Shirley’s life is flipped upside down now that she’s put Larry out of the house. Never in a million years would she believe that her husband of ten years was cheating on her, but reality has hit her in the face. However, will Shirley have someone in her corner on those lonely nights when she’s all alone, feeling vulnerable?

Candy and Amber’s lives seem to be intertwining with both of their men being related. Candy and Jimi are aware of the ugly secret that Jesse’s harboring, and the more Jimi presses him about telling Amber, the more scared he becomes and tries to avoid it. Jesse doesn’t want to lose Amber, but a careless mistake could throw off the balance of their relationship at a time when Candy needs the both of them the most.

Thelma and Rufus are back in full swing, and their sex life couldn’t get any better. Auggie is feeling pressed because Rufus has completely shut her out, and the contradiction of office gossip that she spread is starting to paint a different picture. Auggie’s so determined to catch Thelma being unfaithful that she’s willing to put everything on the line to get her claws back into Rufus. Will the Jackson sisters be able to stick together during all the trials and tribulations that seem to keep plaguing their lives, or will the outside forces cause them all to collapse? Sometimes a bond between sisters is the strongest thing you can have in life, and if you know the Jackson sisters, they’ve always got each other’s back.