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Down For Mine: An Urban Love Story

It’s not easy being in a large family, but when you have sisters that are down for each other, it makes it all worthwhile. The Jackson sisters—Shirley, Thelma, Candy, and Amber—are a tight-knit group, but their different personalities tend to clash like most siblings. They are in varying situations in their lives, but all seem to be in the same boat when it comes to reaching their full potential, professionally and in love.

Shirley and Thelma are both married, but their marriages are far from perfect. Shirley has a loving husband and four beautiful kids, but she’s starting to have reason to believe that her husband is having an affair. Where her sister Thelma was actually having an affair and got caught by her husband. Now she’s dealing with the fall in a messy divorce, and there’s no way Thelma’s letting her rich husband off easy.

Candy and Amber are the youngest of the crew, and neither of them are where they should be in life. Candy is being faithful to her no-good boyfriend that’s incarcerated, while her little sister Amber keeps allowing her baby daddy to have a revolving door in her life. Will any of them be able to find true happiness in their lives, or will the arguing and bickering amongst them drive a huge wedge between them that will tear their family apart?